No Limits

The article No Limits, by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, discusses how teachers need to find newer and more ways to integrate technology in such a way that is more meaningful to students.  A study has shown that “one quarter of today’s students agree that school is meaningful or their courses are interesting.”  The student’s that are in school now and that will be entering our schools are digital learners, so we as teachers need to find newer and more engaging ways to teach using technology.  I thought she was spot on with this point because I remember back in my high school, my teacher had a smart board but the only way that she used it was to write on the handout she gave us so she could do it with us, which is almost exactly how she had taught her lessons beforehand which she just put on an overhead projector and filled it in with a marker.  So really, she wasn’t really using the technology to improve her lessons any differently or in a more engaging way.  So, I think teachers need to be investing more time into finding different ways to teach their lessons with technology and attend workshops or professional development events that can help achieve this.

I don’t completely agree with the author’s statement: “If you expose students to technology, they are much more ready to do these things that we think.”  I don’t agree with this statement mainly because exposure is not the problem, kids are being exposed and learning at a very young age how to use technology.  For example, Dr. Couros talked about in one of his presentations how his daughter, who I believe he said was 3 or 4, was able to make and edit a video.  Also, nowadays, if you go on YouTube, you can find young people who can edit and create videos that are up to par with the film makers who make millions doing celebrities music videos.  An example is of a 16 year old boy who dances to Beyonce’s song “Countdown.”  This boy is able to create and edit videos just as professional as famous film editors can who have had years of experience.  So, unless maybe I just misinterpreted the statement, I don’t believe that students need to be exposed, I think that teachers are the ones that need to be exposed.

One thing that the author mentioned was how a class used Photostory.  I have honestly never heard of this before and I am very interested in learning about it.  Perhaps this will be the focus of my next blog…


Here’s a link to the reading!


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