Photo Story 3

As promised, here is a blog about Photo Story 3.

So first off, if you want to know what Photo Story is, it is a Microsoft program that turns a number of photos into a movie, where you can edit the photo and add your own voice or music.

Some of the features are:

  • easy to use
  • step by step (well organized I guess you could say)
  • edit photos (limited to changing colour of photo though)
  • text on photos
  • add animations
  • preset time for photos or you can custom set the timing for the photos
  • change order of photos
  • once the story is saved, you can go back and edit it
  • can have more than one story being created at a time

A downfall that I found with this is that editing the photo is really limited.  With the program that my laptop came with to take photos using the webcam, you can add silly effects like mustaches or hats to it, I would have liked to use this on some of the photos to make them a little silly.  Another downfall is that there is no place to directly upload it to (unlike screencast-o-matic, which I used to show how I made one of my photo stories).  It wasn’t hard to figure out though (at least for me), I tried using Google docs and it worked, so simple alternative to that downfall (also I don’t have the video upgrade for my blog).

A good question for me would be: Where would I use this in my teaching?  Being a math major, business minor, I don’t think I’d use this in my classroom (maybe if I’m giving a quick presentation on a person in math/business, but other than that I can’t really think of anything).  I think this could be great for a English class where the teacher/student could create a presentation/movie on a book or poem that they read.  Also, this could be used in a social/history class on a presentation on a topic/event that they covered, like WWII.

Here is the screencast-o-matic where I am showing how to use Photostory.

Here is the final result of the Photo Story I made in the screencast-o-matic video.

If you want to add anything, comment, etc feel free to do so below in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

P.s. if anyone is looking for a good laugh, I just noticed a feature with screencast-o-matic where you can slow down and speed up the video.  I found it hilarious so if you’re bored, click on my link and put your mouse over the video and a pop up with appear and you can slow down the video or make it faster.  I know it’s poking fun at me but I’m okay with it! 😛


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