Michelle Morley’s Presentation

The main message I got out of Michelle’s presentation was that educators need to keep in mind are the four C’s (Create, Collaborate, Communicate, and Critical Thinking Skills).  When I think of being a Math teacher, my mind keeps going back to how I was taught which was basically only through direct instruction, but what Michelle was telling us is that we need to get our students involved in the classroom (using these four C’s and technology).

Some of the technology discussed that I’ve heard of included skype, wiki, Edmodo, YouTube, pinterest, twitter, and Google +.  A few of these, including pinterest and Google + , I have never thought of using in the classroom and I think these are technologies that I would like to look into to use in my classroom.

There were quite a few technologies that Michelle brought up that I have never heard of before and would like to look into: stixy, bubbl.us, and snapguide.

I really liked how we could have a presenter without them actually being there.  I did like Adobe Pro, although I wish that the webcam was hooked up.  This is because I find I can pay attention better and focus on what the presenter is trying to say when I can see their face and the body language their using rather than just watching screen shots.  Other than that, I really liked Adobe Pro and would definitely use it in my classroom say for example if it was a snow day, I was sick, or needed to provide a tutorial session for my students outside of class.


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