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What is it? is a website where anyone can post articles online.  This website provides articles for a variety of topics including: arts and entertainment, education and communications, food and entertainment, relationships, and finance, business and legal.

A look at a few resources from this site

How to Make a Resume is an article that explains what a resume is, the different types of resumes, and provides steps on how to recreate a resume.  This article also explains each step and provides examples of different resumes.  This article fits with the Life Transitions curriculum (module 17) and the Career and Work Experience 10/20/30 (module 6).

How to Understand Debits and Credits is an article which discusses debits and credits by breaking it down into steps to help students understand debits and credits and how they are used in financial statements.  This article fits with the Accounting 10/20/30 curriculum.

What do I like about

  • Provides related articles at the end of the article for further interest or in case the article didn’t completely explain topic.
  • Provides tips and videos.
  • User-friendly.

What do I disliked about it?

  • Advertisements in the right column of the article which could easily distract the viewer (in this case the students).
  • Anyone can edit the article (both a pro and a con but someone could go on and erase the article or put in false information).

Where does this fit into the curriculum and how would I use it?

This website provides resources that could fit into any business curriculum (I’ve shown examples in Accounting, Life Transitions, and Career and Work Exploration).  In the classroom, there are a few ways that I could use this, the first being as an independent study in class.  I could provide students with the links for articles and get students to complete a question sheet or get them to write a summary on what they learned.  If this is an article say for example like the how to create a resume article, students could create a resume and use the article as a guideline to help.  If I wouldn’t use if for this purpose, I could always use it as an extra resource on our class blog to be examined outside of class.

Evaluation of is a great site for finding many different articles, although the user should take caution since people can easily edit any article (whether for good or bad).  However, assuming people change it for the good, this website is a good resource for students to use.  I would use this website in my classroom although I may want to check on the links frequently to make sure it’s still the same (or better).

If I were to give a numerical value, I would give it a 7/10.


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