7 Tools for Creating Visual Presentations that Engage

If you are wanting to find more visual presentation tools besides PowerPoint, here is a link to an article that lists and describes 7 tools that could be used for making visual presentations.  Well, okay… Although this site states 7 tools in the title, it actually has seven categories and lists a few more than seven tools for visual presentations. This resource discusses the following tools:

1.  Prezi

2. Gliffy

3. SmartDraw

4. Visio

5. Interactive Excel

6. Stock Photo Sites

7. Microsoft Office Online

8. Chatting and Polling within GoToTraining

9. Native Programs Beyond Microsoft Word

10. Maximizing PowerPoint (animating static images, picture placeholders, using image effects and photoalbum, and third party programs for PowerPoint visuals

Helpful pictures are included in these descriptions.  As well, this resource also lists other blogs and sites to visit for more tools in depth.

One thing that I really like about this resource is that it acknowledges the whole “death by PowerPoint.”  It has its own introduction section that discusses this which I completely agree that PowerPoint is being overused and it is no longer engaging to students.


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