KWL Chart About Pedagogy – ECS 350

Here is my KWL Chart about Pedagogy for my ECS 350 Class.


Want to Know:


Pedagogy: Thoughts and beliefs about teaching. – How will pedagogy help me in my pre-internship, internship, and teaching?

– How do I incorporate my pedagogy into my teaching?

– What is the actual definition of pedagogy? (I don’t quite feel I have had a solid, actual definition that helps me to fully understand the word)

–          Pedagogy varies for different people.  No two people think alike so therefore they should not have the exact same pedagogy.


–  There are generally 3 views of teachers: Teacher as Learned Practitioner, Teacher as Researcher, and Teacher as Professional.

–  A “good” teacher should be aware of social justice and oppression.

– Social justice and oppression are something that should be considered in a teacher’s pedagogy.




3 thoughts on “KWL Chart About Pedagogy – ECS 350

  1. Nice blog, and pretty too! 🙂
    Pedagogy is the art and science about teaching children whereas andragogy is understood to be the art and science of teaching adults.
    You can easily be intentional and purposeful in incorporating your pedagogy (which in addition to your own values includes your beliefs and thoughts about learning, proper behaviour and teaching) into your teaching by spending just a little bit time in reflecting your experiences and answering the three important questions:
    1. What went well today – and why?
    2.What could be improved – and how?
    3 Is there something I want to change in my teaching?
    Reflective practice is just a fancy name for thinking about your work 🙂

    Best of luck in your teaching career!
    – Nina

  2. Ashley – I love what you took from the Kumashiro reading to add to your chart. Definitely – pedagogy is a very personal thing – your understanding of “good” pedagogy will define how you teach. And I think Kumashiro would argue that what is considered “good” pedagogy is dependent on place and cultural – remember his story of teaching overseas! Think back to the textbook readings – how do the ideas like differentiation and classroom climate fit into your personal idea of what good pedagogy looks like?

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