Primary Trigonometric Ratios Screencast

For my EMTH 351 class, I had to develop a question from anywhere in the grade 9-12 curriculum and explain it in one and a half minutes.  I chose to do outcome 10.8 from the  Workplace and Apprentice 10 curriculum.  This outcome states:

WA10.8 Demonstrate an understanding of primary trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine, and tangent).

Here is my first Screencast that I created.  Here is the second Screencast.  The program that I used is called

A short reflection:

I would definitely use this in my teaching.  I might use this if I wanted to try a flip classroom or put on some practice problems to help my students out.  I have never seen or tried teaching using a flip classroom, although it is something I’d sure like to try (even though I’m a bit scared too!).

I’m not quite sure of why the video had to be exactly one and a half minutes (plus or minus a couple seconds).  Maybe this could help us with explaining concepts and getting straight to the point, but if this is not why, well I’d sure like to know!


** After writing this blog, I had a meeting with my professor to discuss my videos.  He explained to me the purpose of the time frame and it was more just to get us comfortable recording ourselves, look at the technical aspects of our lessons, and prepare us for our next task.  In this next task, we will be doing a microteaching in which we will be teaching a lesson to our class mates and we will record ourselves only explaining a question.


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