Online Portfolios Presentation

Tomorrow I will be presenting about online portfolios to my EMTH 350 class.  In this presentation, I will cover what a portfolio is, how we can use this in math, what you should include in your math portfolio, advantages/disadvantages, and a few examples.

Here is the link for my sliderocket presentation that I will be using.


2 thoughts on “Online Portfolios Presentation

  1. Portfolios for use as practicing teachers? Student teachers?

    I train new math teachers and we use a hard copy portfolio to bring into interviews. An e-portfolio that can be brought in on a tablet or perhaps a lap top could be effective, depending on the interviewer. The trick is to make sure that you can access a specific slide or sample on demand. For example, if you are asked how you help students with special needs you can pull a sample from your student teaching. To do this you need to take photos of stuff in your classroom and scan copies of student artifacts.

    What I have found to be most important in a portfolio is the following:
    *formative assessment samples
    *samples of differentiation
    *scaffolded handouts, activities that were engaging and other ways you engaged students
    *examples of parent communication, e.g. parent contact log – names redacted

    Good luck with the presentation, your education and your career!


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