First Two Days In Scotland!

Well, as a quick mention first, it was my first time flying a couple of days ago and overall, it was fantastic! I might a lot of great people on my flight to Toronto although my flight to Edinburgh my neighbour was not so talkative. Oh well!


So Scotland… getting off my plane was realy hectic! There was a huge line and we were all rushing to get through customs and pick up our luggage so that wasn’t much fun. However, when Lauren met with me me at the airport, we took a double decker bus which was soooo col! To be honest, I’m glad I dont have to drive in Scotland because they all drive reallllly insane!! Before arriving, I thought “how hard could it be?” Well was i in for a surprise! Besides not being able to adjust to traffic on the wrong side of the street, they drive like a-holes! They do u turns in the middle of no where, pull up extremely close to people (my brother would get this reference), and ty seem to just love cutting into traffic lanes – kind if reminds me of Saskatoon driving! And the roads are just weird (twists and turns everywhere). Otherwise the bus was super fun!!!

After that, we walked around for probably about 2 hours which was amazing. I got to see Princes Street gardens which were beautiful, the royal mile (although not a thorough look) and went for a Scottish breakfast afterwards! It was quite a protein filled breakfast haha! 🙂 One thing that I think is totally awesome about Edinburgh is that there are random people on random streets dressed uo in kilts and play the bag pipe!!!

For the rest of the day we basically just wathed movies at Laurens place then went to bed.  So first day was a success I’d say! As for the jet lag, it wasn’t too bad as long as I kept moving. As soon as we sat down though my energy level basically plumeted haha.


wokeoup feeling fantastic! Slept for 12 hours so I would hope I felt great! Today we went walking down to the Parliament building – which no ofense but is a horrific looking building… like what were thry thinking?? We were also going to go to Holyrood palace – which is where the royals stay when they are in town – but as my luck turned out, the royals were in town!  So unfortunately we can’t go until at least Sunday simce it was closee for their stay but Lauren got to see a glimpse of the queen in a car (I didnt get to tjough since i was not looking in that direction at the time but oh well 😦 ).

So after that we walked up the royal mile again and went through many stores on the one side of the street (we shall adventure the other side later haha). Probably thr greatest thing that I had seen was two all year roumd Christmas stores!! So now I can say someone has wished me a merry Christmas in July!! So hilarious! Also, there were random people dressed up all over the royal mile as characters like yoda and darth vader! So random!

Also while on this road we went to the Museum of Childhood (which was not at all what the description in my traveller’s book said it would be), the whisky experience (whch was awesome since we got like a mini fair ride adventure of how to make whiskey, a shot of a flavour of whiskey of our choosing, the shot glass that we got to keep, amd the massive whiskey collection thy had! They also had a whiskey for sale that was worth 4000 pounds!!!!!!!), and we also got to see a museum, which I think was the museum of Scotland? It was kinda cool which went through the history of Scotland a bit but mostly artefacts from way back when.

The great thing anout these museums is that thy are all free admission! You jut make a donation if you want so if you dont like the museum, its okay because you didn’t waste a bunch of money!

So once we finished with those shenanigans,  we went to the movies amd saw how to train your dragon 2 which was AWESOME!!!!!! Then we went home, watched some doctor who and mow off to bed, so with that, Good night!


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