Shout out to ECMP 355!

So I am currently teaching at Riverview Collegiate and three of my students who graduated last year came back to visit the school.  One of these students is a currently in the Education Program at the University of Regina and she told me about how my website is still being shown to some of the ECMP 355 classes.  So learning this information, I had a strong urge to say hello to everyone and apologize for the lack of blogging (I know… great example of someone’s blog when they aren’t even using it, right? lol).  So I hope you all know I really enjoyed making this website and had every intention of blogging and staying up to date with it but as you have obviously seen, I have not! 😦

For those of you who have been out and experienced some of the teaching world, you understand that being a new teacher is crazy busy and so any plans outside of lesson planning basically go out the window.

But I’m not here to tell you my sob story.  I really just wanted to say hello and have a chance to poke at Jamie (thanks for stopping by btw!!).

I hope that you are all enjoying this class.  It was an awesome class for me personally despite the fact that technology really hates me! One application of this class is that I now have a wordpress site for the classes that I actually teach now! So I tried using other websites when I graduated university but I always came back to the one that I used in my ECMP 355 class.  It saved me so much time later on because I didn’t have to figure out how to work the website and with technology hating me and all, this saved me A LOT of time!!

And if I can say this, and it may come as a shock to some of you, but a lot of teachers still don’t have websites and some of the technology that you are learning about now is still unknown to the teaching world!! I introduced Remind101 to a few of the teachers at my school and they love it! I remember using Remind when I started university and so by the time I got here, I thought that it was old news and yet no one here had heard of it.  So I thought that was kind of cool (or am I putting you to sleep yet?).

So for those of you who want to see my site, it is:  Here I have school announcements, contact information, and individual class pages which has an agenda of the week, any notes they missed (sometimes…), how to sign on to remind101, and finally a joke of the week (more like “of the month” as I sometimes forget to check on this…oops!).

But anyways, I guarantee you with my luck, you guys won’t even see this now that I’ve spent all of this time and energy into writing a heart felt post. **Sigh 😦

So I hope you all have a great semester in ECMP 355 and remember to have fun with it! 🙂 If you guys have any questions, you are more than welcome to email me:

— Ashley

** And if you need a giggle, I accidentally posted this on my actual class website… did I mention technology and I don’t get along??


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