About Me!


My name is Ashley McMurchy.  So, to introduce myself and give you the opportunity to learn a bit about me, here is my letter of introduction.

I was born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan where I attended Carlton Comprehensive High School.  In 2008, I moved to Moose Jaw where I completed the rest of high school at A. E. Peacock Collegiate.  I graduated in 2010 and in that same year, I moved to Regina to study at the University of Regina.  On June 6th, 2014 I convocated from the University of Regina with a GPA of 80%.  I completed my Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Degree with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Business.

I enjoy being active in both my community and school.  However, because I do like to be involved in a variety of activities, a lot of my experience with teaching, unfortunately, mostly comes from my time in the education program.  However, I have had a few experiences outside, which include tutoring a grade six math student, tutoring grade six students in math and social studies at the Regina Public Library, supervising and teaching at the Mathematics Enrichment Camp, being a judge at the Regina Huda School science fair, and working with people with disabilities at Cheshire Homes of Regina.  As for leadership, I have experience being an ambassador at the university where I have led campus tours and helped organize events.  In addition, I have been part of numerous school sports teams. I believe that these experiences have definitely increased my confidence and helped me grow as a person and a teacher.

Through the teaching experiences that I have had at the university, I feel that I have grown a tremendous amount since I first started the program (although I know I still have a long way to go until I am near the teacher that I want to become). One thing that my schooling experience has helped me with is developing a passion and a better understanding of math.  Also, I have become more aware of myself; I have realized what I need to work on, and I am also more open to trying new things.  I would like to work on trying new teaching methods and trying to steer away from the typical way of teaching a math lesson.  I would like my lessons to be more student-centered and work towards understanding math concepts rather than using a teacher-centered approach (which might cause students to memorize rather than understand the information).

Currently, I am a substitute teacher for Prairie South School Division.  I have been subbing since June of 2014 and continue to gain the experience and skills that will help me to secure a permanent teaching job.

If you would like to contact me, you can either reach me by email: ashley.mcmurchy@hotmail.com or by phone: 306-681-4551.

Ashley McMurchy

Also, you can follow me on twitter: @AshleyMcMurchy

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