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Bullying and Suicide

With the increasing cases of suicide all over the world (more specifically in Canada and the United States, or at least it’s mostly publicized in these places), I feel the need to put out some discuss this issue.  Below, I have posted a few articles, links, and videos that I wanted to share with everyone discussing recent suicides and information on bullying and suicide.

If you are wanting to take a course on suicide awareness, I recently took the safeTALK course which I would recommend to anyone else who would like to increase their knowledge in suicide awareness.

Articles on recent suicides due to bullying:

Amanda Todd:

Bullied Teen Leaves Behind Chilling YouTube Video” ABC News

Here is a link to a video she posted before her suicide.

Tyler Clementi:

“Tyler Clementi: A Call to Act on Cyberbulling” CBC News

Rachel Ehmke:

“Rachel Ehmke, 13-Year-Old Minnesota Student, Commits Suicide After Months of Bullying” Huffingtonpost

Websites with information on suicide and bullying:

This link discusses the effects of bullying including kids that are bullied, kids who bully, bystanders, and the relationship between suicide and bullying.

Here is the Government of Saskatchewan page which discusses common warning signs of suicide.

Embracethefuture is a website for youth which discusses topics like emotions, youth issues, and thinking positive.  Here is a link from this website that discusses some ideas on what to do if someone you know is thinking about suicide (or you think they might be but are unsure).

Here is a link discussing bystanders and their effects on bullying.  I personally believe bystanders play a HUGE part in bullying.


Below are videos posted by celebrities and bands.  Celebrities and bands are inspiration and role models for our children and these are just some of the ways that they are trying to reach out and talk about bullying and suicide.

Here is a video by Ellen DeGeneres in which she speaks about the rising cases of suicide due to bullying.

Alyssa Reid – Talk Me Down

Billy Talent – Nothing To Lose