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KWL Chart About Pedagogy – ECS 350

Here is my KWL Chart about Pedagogy for my ECS 350 Class.


Want to Know:


Pedagogy: Thoughts and beliefs about teaching. – How will pedagogy help me in my pre-internship, internship, and teaching?

– How do I incorporate my pedagogy into my teaching?

– What is the actual definition of pedagogy? (I don’t quite feel I have had a solid, actual definition that helps me to fully understand the word)

–          Pedagogy varies for different people.  No two people think alike so therefore they should not have the exact same pedagogy.


–  There are generally 3 views of teachers: Teacher as Learned Practitioner, Teacher as Researcher, and Teacher as Professional.

–  A “good” teacher should be aware of social justice and oppression.

– Social justice and oppression are something that should be considered in a teacher’s pedagogy.