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A few days in and…?

So I’m having a late night here by the seems of things but its still so hard to believe that it is not quite yet supper time back at home!

It was interesting today, my friend asked me what to bring when she comes to Scotland. So here are a few pointers and things I wish I would have done differently when packing:

– pack light clothes – it is cloudy most times but its humid so shorts and tees are preferred!  So dont bother with pants and big sweaters unless you get cold easily! Also, pack shoes that go with your outfits! I didnt bring amy shoes to wear wih mt dress so I went out amd bought a nice, new pair of sandals and boy did I have blisters after that! I himk y feet wil be permanently scared and it currently hurts to walk. So also on that point, bring comfortable walking shoes!!! This is a walk-everywhere type of city so on average I probably walk about 2 hours every day… I think you’re gunna want some decent shoes!

– bring cash! – when I first arrived, I spent almost all my cash and have now been relying on my credit and debit cards. At first I figured it was okay, I’d just get cash back somewhere (p.s. call your banks amd find out what they charge for withdrawals.  My bank charges for withdrawing from my debit at an atm so double check first!). Now back in Canada, I have never had a problem getting cash back since our banks harge for using your cards and many stores offer cash back. Here on the other hand, making transactions and withdrawig money is free so stores dont see the need to offer cash back. So I’ve been going quite a ways out there to get cash (like offering to pay for something using my card if they give me cash for their portion, etc). And why is this important? Well some places like transit or small business don’t accept credit or debit so then it either prevents us from going there or is just a hassel so lesson learned for me!

– make sure to pack enough undies!! – I had to do laundry today because I realized I didnt bring enough to last me my trip! I really dont mind rewearing a shirt or pants but bras and undies!? Thats where i draw the line!!! So, thank goodness my friend had laundry detergent!

Other than that I would say bring whatever you want or was thinking of! Just make sure to leave some room for all the goodies you are going to bring back!

So my adventures… what have I done? Well, the day before yesterday we went to the botanic gardens. This is the queens garden filled with so many beautiful plants! We took a tour bus to get there which was freaking awesome!!!!! By paying the fee you get to ride on that very bus all day and it tels you all about that section of the city it tours. This one went through Leith which is absolutly beautiful!  It is right along the sea which you can see the royal yacht which looked like the titanic (or at least it did to me?). There are also a few canals there which makes me think of what Venice would look like. I’ve never been there but its sort of what I imagine it to look like if I went). So we took that tour a full time once then did it again – being free and all the second time – so that we could get to the botanic gardens. These gardens really are amazing and you should go into the greenhouses if you can (which if you took the tour bus, your receipt will get you a 2 for 1 admission in – while on the note keep your receipts and pamphlets sometimes they have coupons!!!). Save at least 2 hours or more – maybe have a picnic here!? – because we weretjere for about 1 and a half hours but had to leave due to time.

Then, yesterday I thoroughly shopped (well more like just browsed) through Princes Street, the Royal mile and georgia street (this street has really expensive food! Mind you food is jut expensive here in general but more so on this street!). Today I went to see the swan park they had. This is by Arthurs seat – old volcano btw! – and it was really the first time I’ve ever seen a swan! They are so beautiful! And I brought bread to feed them but it turns out you can only feed them if you bring the right kind of bread or grains for them (which is wholemeal bread I do believe).

Then we went to Holyrood palace which was pretty cool!  We found out that the queen was here earlier because of her annual tea party but she was gone so we could visit the palace. I will admit I thought it eould be cooler in the palace home sense but found the stories to be more interesting than the place. It was still beautiful though but not quite what I had expected – although I’m not sure what it was that I had expected… I will comment that her gardens are absolutely beautiful! And they have some ruins left of part of the palace that were destroyed long ago. I was sad though because there was a collection you got to see when you go there but they had closed it (why I cant remember….).

So that was basically the extent if the past few days. Still loving the place al though missing home a bit too!

P.s. this is all done from my tablet and done late at night so don’t mind the typos and errors!