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Importance of Using Tags in Your Blogs

Up until a couple days ago, I have never used tags in my blogs.  What inspired me to go and start tagging all my blogs was while I was working on an education business class assignment where I had to find resources that I could use in a business class.

For this assignment, I was trying to figure out a way so that my teacher could easily access my blogs only related to that of my assignment and how I could categorize the blogs according to the curriculum they fit in.  I was considering creating new categories for it (which is what I should have done now that I think about it), but I had heard about tags earlier that day and thought that this could be a way to organize my blogs.  So, I went and tagged my business blogs according to what they were about.

One thing that I didn’t expect was that the next day when I went to continue my assignment was that I had notifications saying that people liked my blogs, people were commenting on my blogs, and I had quite a bit more viewers (and actually from different countries!).

Before this, the only people liking and commenting on my blogs were my fellow ECMP 355 students and professor and the only viewers were from Canada (which presumably were my classmates and professor).  Now, I have people liking, commenting, and viewing my blog from at least 4 countries from around the world (including Australia and Great Britain).  I think it’s just amazing how people around the world can access my blog and that they are actually reading my blogs!  This was such a confidence boost and in a way it reinforced the reasons why we should comment on other people’s blogs (as discussed in my ECMP 355 class).

With that said, here are my reasons why you should tag your blogs:

  • Increase amount of views.
  • Increase amount of likes and comments.
  • Keep your blog organized.
  • Provides viewers easier access to only blogs about certain topics.

Here is a link to Steinar Knutsen’s website page discussing his thoughts about the importance using WordPress tags.