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Freetypinggame.net – Business Resource

freetypinggame.net is a site that has a variety of typing games that either teach you how to properly type or to improve your typing speed/accuracy.  One typing game in particular that I would like to look at is the game called “Typing Lesson”.

What is it?

This typing lesson is a free interactive lesson which teaches you how to use the keyboard properly in steps.  This resource starts with the basic home row keys and then moves on to other keys from there.

What do I like about it?

  • User friendly.
  • Can have a picture of the keyboard and placing of hands if desired.
  • Can choose to work toward a typing speed goal (set your own goal).
  • Keys that are to be used by a certain finger have their own colour.
  • Teaches how to properly key in numbers and symbols.
  • Makes you try the key first then begins practice.
  • Drill/repetitive.
  • Makes you retry the lesson if you didn’t reach your goal.
  • Competitive, which ultimately makes it more engaging.
  • One minute (lessons are not long).

What do I dislike about it?

  • Does not do a general typing test (test everything at once).
  • Does not test any other keys, just the one’s your lesson is based off of (does not test prior keys).
  • Does not use the common way of teaching keyboard where you learn the home row first, then the top row and then the bottom.  Once these have been taught, then you would normally move on to numbers and symbols (which is the method I prefer).  Rather, this resource teaches the alphabet and punctuation mixed in with one another as well as teaching punctuation and numbers at mixed intervals (however you can change the order in which students learn these keys since there is no prior knowledge of other keys in the lessons).
  • Has advertisements.
  • Uses the word “type.”  The proper term used now is “key” or “keyboarding.”  I remember in one of my previous education business classes, my professor explained how “type” refers to using a typewriter and “keyboarding” refers to using a keypad on a computer.

Where does this fit into the curriculum and how would I use it?

This keyboarding lesson fits in the Information Processing 10/20/30 curriculum in module 2.  Learning objective 2.2 states: “to execute and practise the skill of touch keyboarding the alphabetic, numeric, punctuation and basic service keys.”  This resource teaches the user how to keyboard all of these keys listed using touch keyboarding.

In a class, I would use this for students to practice for maybe 5 minutes a day to practise their keyboarding skills and then move on to the lesson I intended for that day.  I might also use this in conjunction with another game from this website to practise all the skills they learned that lesson (and even prior lessons as well).

Evaluation of freetypinggame.net

This is a great resource for helping students learn how to keyboard properly.  All of the games on this website are to help improve keyboarding so if a student gets distracted by a different game, they are still practicing this (although just maybe not using the right game).  This website is also very user friendly and is categorized very well.

If I were to give this website a numerical value, I would give it a 9.5/10 and the resource I discussed a 7/10.