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Entrepreneurweek.com – Business Resources

Entrepreneurweek.com is a blog that is designed to consolidate information for and about entrepreneurs.  There is one blog, in particular, that I would like to focus on called “Why Are More Women Choosing Entrepreneurship Over the Workplace?”

What is it?

This is a blog about why more women are deciding to enter into the field of entrepreneurship rather than the workplace.  It discusses factors including: being able to create their own work environment, carve out time for family, break through their income limits, and help those in their communities.

What do I like about it?

  • Lists several factors and then elaborates on them.
  • Recent (February 2012).
  • References multiple resources (accuracy).
  • User friendly.
  • Well organized.
  • Language and words are understandable.
  • Short, engaging read.

What do I dislike about it?

  • Only picture provided is just of a women in a business suit.
  • Limited reasons as to why there are more women entrepreneurs (there are more reasons but there are also the typical reasons like being the boss and pursuing passion).
  • Advertisements (distraction).

Where does this fit into the curriculum and how would I use it?

This fits in with module 18 of the Entrepreneurship 30 curriculum.  Learning objective 18.3 (pg 71) states: “To identify reasons why more women are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before.  To examine factors that have influenced the changing career patterns or paths of women and men.”  This blog more helps to achieve the first sentence in the learning objective as this is the main purpose of writing this particular blog.  This also does work toward the second one in a way because it does discusses why women want to be entrepreneurs which are factors that impact a person’s choice of career.

In the classroom, what I might first do is brainstorm ideas about why more women are becoming entrepreneurs today than ever before.  Then, I could get my students to read the article and discuss in groups what they discovered and if they might have any new ideas .  While doing this, the students will complete a worksheet that shows what the students discovered and maybe ask them to think of at least one or two reasons why more women are becoming entrepreneurs.  Once completed, I would get the class together to discuss these answers.

Because this is an optional module, I might only get a certain amount of students to work on this module and get groups to work on different ones so that we can cover a large amount of optional but important material at one time.

If I didn’t use this article inside the class, I believe it (and as well as the website) would be great to be made available for my students via a class blog or by email.

Evaluation of Entrepreneurweek.com

Overall, this site is very user friendly and all blogs posted are related to entrepreneurs.  If students were to get distracted by other blogs on this site, it is all about entrepreneurs anyways so it’s not exactly a bad thing for them to get distracted.  I didn’t go through all the blogs (which there are tons! So that might be an impossible task), but the ones that I did read were interesting reads and good resources (maybe for outside of the class though).

If I had to give this website a numerical value, I would give it a 9.5/10 and the actual resource (blog) a 7/10.