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Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

This week’s reading focused on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy by Andrew Churches.  This article discussed a little bit about Bloom’s taxonomy and the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy by Anderson and Krathwohl.  Then Churches went on to discuss his own revised version of Anderson and Krathwohl’s version of Bloom’s taxonomy.  In his version, he basically adds technology to the categories outlined in Anderson and Krathwohl’s version (remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, and creating), with a few changes, and then discusses the subcategories.  While discussing these, Churches explains a variety of websites, how they relate to the categories and subcategories, and how to use them in a classroom.

One thing that I wanted to mention about the reading was that I found it a bit of a frustrating read because there were so many grammar and spelling mistakes.  It made me just want to whip out a red pen and start fixing all of the mistakes (the whole typical English teacher thing if you catch my drift).  Other than that, I actually really enjoyed this reading.  It was long, but there were a lot of interesting, informative points brought up in this article and there were even a few websites that were listed that I had never heard of until now.  One other thing that I really enjoyed about this article was how Churches explained how to incorporate the websites and technology into the classroom (which were free for the most part), how to actually use this technology, and gave alternatives to use in case we didn’t want to use the suggested website.